Keep Quiet

Ship of Dreams

Do you realize how long
It took to find this disguise?
Stay here nearby the bridge
And tell me when you feel free
Count one, two, one, two
And then look into my eyes

Do you see down below
Below the shallow water
Others did, and never, never bid
They’ve just looked into my eyes

Keep quiet, keep quiet
Just another chance
Look into my eyes, into my eyes

Hey my Dear Fellow, can you feel it?
Be fine, be nice, be the one I want to dream of
Move back one step and count
Let me hear you say...

Just look into my eyes, into my eyes...


We have travelled all around the world
On our ship of dreams
We have abused men and women
On their lands and homes

We have travelled all over the seas
On the edge of the world
On places where Darkness is a queen
We have used, and used and abused

I’ll search for you tomorrow
Beautiful treasure under land
I’ll search for them tomorrow
Beautiful citizens under seas

My men had no patience
They never made any reverences
We do not have any patience
I’ll never make any reverences

I’ll tell you we’ve met a queen
I’ll tell you we’ve met a king
With no eyes, no mouth, long hairs
I’ll tell you he’s beautiful
With one ship, no crew, no men



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